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Thread Subject:
plot time

Subject: plot time

From: maria

Date: 30 Apr, 2009 07:05:19

Message: 1 of 2

Dear all,

I want plot the data getting from my program versus the spend time.
But the time is not a variable. I try to use the tic toc but I don’t
get the desired result. I don’t want to use something like t=[1:1:100]
because it doesn’t the same time every time to calculate the new
solution. Any idea?
 My program has the following mode:


for i=1:5



fun [s]=test(a,b,s)

syms x;

charfun=3*x^2 + 4*b*x + a*x^5 +s;

Thanks for your time

Subject: plot time

From: Daniel Armyr

Date: 30 Apr, 2009 08:45:03

Message: 2 of 2

> I want plot the data getting from my program versus the spend time.

Hi. I am sorry, but this sentence isn't very clear to me. Do you want to plot the result of a function versus the time it took to find that solution? If so, your test should begin with a tic and end with a 'a = toc;'. The function should then return this value as well as the result so you can put it in a separate vector. Then you plot them against each other.

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