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Thread Subject:
User defined classes in MATLAB Compiler

Subject: User defined classes in MATLAB Compiler

From: Hoi Wong

Date: 25 Mar, 2009 01:17:02

Message: 1 of 1

I have spent hours developing a user-defined class called @sparse_cell and had my code based completely written with it (I'll put it on MatlabCentral it after the first author agreed with the arrangements), and I just realized that MATLAB compiler doesn't take in class folders that starts with @ sign, hence all my overloaded functions are not recognized. Can anybody suggest what can I do? My MCC command is as follows:

 mcc -m ICDviewer -d ../../Compiled/ICDviewer -a ./modules/*.* -N -o ICDviewer -C

where I have @sparse_cell under ./modules.


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