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Wayne King's Newsreader Profile

Wayne King

Personal Profile:

I work on signal processing documentation at MathWorks.

DISCLAIMER: Any advice or opinions posted here are my own, and in no way reflect that of MathWorks.
Professional Interests: Signal Processing

Number of Posts: 1590 messages in 1590 threads

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Threads Wayne King Posted To: 1 - 3 of 1590
Post Date Subject Most Recent Poster Tags
11 Oct 2013 Wayne King
19 Nov 2012 vijay mulchandani
17 Nov 2012 Wayne King

Threads Wayne King Tagged: 1 - 3 of 26
Tagged Date Subject Most Recent Poster Tags They Applied
13 Feb 2011 Susan system objects
15 Oct 2010 system objectsstep...
21 Sep 2011 Wayne King phased array syste...

Wayne King's Frequently Applied Tags: 1 - 10 of 21
duplicate post, double post, system objects, homework, triple post, new cwt algorithms in 11a prerelease, why is 03 02 01 or similar not equal to zero, post incomplete, thread 305204, wavelets

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