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16 Feb 2012 Classic AdaBoost Classifier Weak threshold classifier boosted to strong Classifier with Adaboost Author: Dirk-Jan Kroon

Hi Dirk,
Are there any requirements on the features (such as no NaNs? numerical scaling? equal numbers in each class?). The internal variable p2c at line 117 has runs of large and NaN values, causing accumarray and the WeightedThresholdClassifier function to crash. Thanks - Andreas

08 Feb 2012 EM algorithm for Gaussian mixture model EM algorithm for Gaussian mixture. Works on arbitray dimensions with high speed and precision. Author: Mo Chen

Hi Michael,

A small question: the randsample function called at line 44 seemingly does not exist, as I get an error. I am running R2011b. Are other, non-native, files required to run emgm? Thanks.

21 Dec 2011 k-means++ Cluster multivariate data using the k-means++ algorithm. Author: Laurent S

Works very nicely, even on large data sets (50K samples in 128 dimensions) - thanks.

A question - suppose I have a good clustering - how can one know which dimensions are less useful than others? Most grateful for any suggestions -

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