The MATLAB Contest Hall of Fame

The MATLAB Contest Hall of Fame is dedicated to past contest winners. These people worked long hours and lost sleep in order to earn a spot on this page. Who knows? Maybe your name will be here after the next contest.

Contest Grand Prize Winner
Knots Contest, Oct 2012 Raphaël Candelier
Tiles Contest, Apr 2012 Sergey Y.
Vines, Nov 2011 Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
Crossword, Apr 2011 Nicholas Howe
Sailing Home, Nov 2010 Andre Fioravanti
Sensor, Apr 2010 Hannes Naudé
Color Bridge, Nov 2009 Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
Army Ants, Nov 2008 David
Wiring, Apr 2008 srach
Gene Splicing, Nov 2007 Markus
Peg Solitaire, May 2007 Yi Cao
Blackbox, Nov 2006 Alan Chalker
Blockbuster, Apr 2006 the cyclist
Sudoku, Nov 2005 the cyclist
Ants, May 2005 the cyclist
Moving Furniture, Nov 2004 GUO
Gerrymandering, Apr 2004 Paulo Uribe
MATLAB Golf: Snake, Nov 2003 Nicke
MATLAB Golf: Pathfinder, Nov 2003 Per Rutquist
MATLAB Golf: Heaviest, Nov 2003 François Glineur
MATLAB Golf: Infection, Nov 2003 Claus Still
MATLAB Golf: Encryption, Nov 2003 Per Rutquist
MATLAB Golf: Palindrome, Nov 2003 Imre Polik
MATLAB Golf: Frequencies, Nov 2003 Guy Shechter
Trucking Freight, Apr 2003 Ave
Protein Folding, Nov 2002 MR Keenan
Molecule, May 2002 Paulo Uribe
Mastermind, Sep 2001 Stijn Helsen
Gene Sequencing, Mar 2000 Francois Glineur
Mars Surveyor, Jun 1999 Paulo Uribe
Binpack, Dec 1998 Hakan Erdogan