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Ants - Statistics

This page was generated on 19-May-2005 at 6:26 PM.

Best Result

These are the first entries to break through each result barrier, ignoring time.

resulttimecputitle, author
61591Wed 09:3928.24Sample Entry, MATLAB Contest Team
60922Wed 10:2139.92TLL001, Timothy Alderson
58378Wed 11:4347.69simp1, Ofer Saphier
55797Wed 12:1590.28SL001, Laszlo Sragner
51241Wed 15:3388.31rummel 1, Jan Langer
39993Wed 15:5391.63HurryFix2, Nick Howe
34481Wed 19:39106.70rummel 3, Jan Langer
34390Wed 19:45105.52solver15, Stijn Helsen
33308Wed 20:11111.13solver17, Stijn Helsen
32170Wed 20:11108.17solver17_10, Stijn Helsen
30142Wed 20:12107.14solver17_10_0, Stijn Helsen
29918Thu 09:11124.67rummel 8, Jan Langer
29596Thu 09:4299.85rummel 9, Jan Langer
25330Thu 10:0994.44bedlam, Jack Snoeyink
24306Fri 09:23170.01Zee, Hannes Naudé & Cobus Potgieter
23834Fri 16:2999.75BUGFIX, Hannes Naudé & Cobus Potgieter
23627Fri 17:3399.18edit1, Anthony
22708Fri 21:2097.99Attempt010, Tom Lemke
22336Fri 22:5898.37Attempt013, Tom Lemke
22334Sat 07:3999.29OptimizANT-1.3.4, ahm
22308Sat 10:3898.19GJ 0.49, the cyclist
22261Sat 14:0898.14TLL006, Timothy Alderson
22176Sun 09:5089.22nq8, nathan q
22044Sun 12:3088.87TLL127, Timothy Alderson
19919Sun 13:46166.58butz benser 2, Jan Langer
19721Sun 13:50167.79butz benser 3.5, Jan Langer
19250Sun 14:55127.67butz benser 5.5 h200, Jan Langer
19176Sun 16:30125.89sunday011, Tom Lemke
18928Sun 17:08127.93krneki 1.0, Marko Tkalcic
18564Mon 07:2398.06poking at TLL166, Niilo Sirola
18496.2207Wed 11:3079.96soolver2, JohanH

Three Minute Challenge

These are the entries submitted between 12PM and 8PM EDT that have the best result and run under 180 seconds.

resulttimecputitle, author
18563.500512:0078.41TLL288, Timothy Alderson
18563.500512:0879.59Three minute c0.99, the cyclist
18563.500512:1678.25Three minute c0.95, the cyclist
18563.500512:2279.17Three minute c0.90, the cyclist
18563.500512:5779.72Three minute c0.9999r, the cyclist
18563.500513:1379.47Cut corners, the cyclist
18563.500513:1479.38Three minute c0.9999r_left, the cyclist
18563.500513:2779.52Cut corners redux, the cyclist
18563.500513:3979.19EntryTweak, Anitha Paladugu
18563.500514:0378.66EntryTweak2, Anitha Paladugu
18563.500514:0778.81ChicagoTrial1, Sivakumar Batthala
18563.500514:0879.56EntryTweak3, Anitha Paladugu
18563.500514:1678.82Great Ant Bernadette, Colin Ross
18563.500515:4079.05TLL280__, Stijn Helsen
18563.500515:4178.68More sociable ants 0.9, the cyclist
18563.500516:1379.73More sociable ants 0.95, the cyclist
18563.500516:2378.79Less sociable ants 1.1, the cyclist
18563.500516:4779.59so risch verschteh ichs ne mehr, Jan Langer
18563.500516:5780.14e weng danehm, Jan Langer
18563.500516:5879.73noch e weng danehm, Jan Langer
18563.500516:5879.66daweng e stigg danehm, Jan Langer
18563.500517:3479.30tuesday001, Tom Lemke
18563.500517:5180.72sideways2, nathan q
18563.500517:5381.78sideways3, nathan q
18563.500517:5682.40sideways1, nathan q
18563.500517:5981.11sideways7, nathan q
18563.500518:1379.47TimeTest, Test
18563.500518:2681.76opt1, Corbin Holland
18563.500518:2779.24TLL280r2, Jin
18563.500518:3479.45TLL309, Timothy Alderson
18563.500518:4481.52sideways8, nathan q
18563.500519:5383.97untelligant1, nathan q
18563.500519:5383.25untelligant2, nathan q
18563.500519:5383.51untelligant3, nathan q
18563.500519:5383.41untelligant4, nathan q
18563.500519:5484.01untelligant5, nathan q
18563.500519:5483.85untelligant6, nathan
18563.500519:5482.94untelligant7, nathan q
18563.500519:5484.59untelligant8, nathan q
18563.500519:5483.61untelligant9, nathan q
18563.500519:5583.94untelligant10, nathan q
18563.500519:5983.08untelligant16, nathan q
18564.643719:5684.15untelligant11, nathan q
18564.643719:5783.03untelligant12, nathan q
18572.730719:5883.47untelligant14, nathan q
18572.884319:5884.29untelligant13, nathan q
18576.141619:5983.79untelligant15, nathan q
18578.166117:5881.01sideways6, nathan q
18751.333215:3085.51calcdxdy4, Stijn Helsen
18751.333215:3386.04calcdxdy5, Stijn Helsen
18812.161714:3778.74TLL289, Timothy Alderson
18925.440916:1379.00TLL280t1, Stijn Helsen
18985.389516:3780.57getaway, PU
19060.201616:4979.86TLL280tt, Stijn Helsen
19093.090015:2578.873mc1, PU
19104.231815:2077.55Little wanderer 0.99, the cyclist
19156.155919:4080.08L1, PU
19252.102218:0977.39TLL305, Timothy Alderson
19265.550617:5480.55sideways4, nathan q
19279.116116:5079.02TLL280tt2, Stijn Helsen
19393.091814:1779.40Great Ant Mirabelle, Colin Ross
19393.091814:2080.11Great Ant Christina, Colin Ross
19393.091818:2280.72mir werds fei zu bleede, Jan Langer
19393.091819:1478.25TLL312, Timothy Alderson
19396.245519:5077.74s rubbt dem fass den dritten deckel aus, Jan Langer
19413.948314:3383.85calcdxdy3_corbutnotcorrect, Stijn Helsen
19500.918219:4477.58TLL316, Timothy Alderson
19505.784219:5979.48s rubbt dem fass den vierten deckel aus, Jan Langer
19539.601519:4878.83TLL319, Timothy Alderson
19552.795816:2379.33Less sociable ants 1.2, the cyclist
19555.406416:5179.83so risch verschteh ichs ueberhaupt ne mehr, Jan Langer
19572.544313:0778.96Three minute c0.9995r, the cyclist
19613.499516:1785.50calcdxdy6, Stijn Helsen
19640.526717:0578.77noch e bill danehm, Jan Langer
19706.783714:0278.38One, the cyclist
19708.771012:2581.84TLL280variant2, David Jones
19742.909618:1079.90TLL308, Timothy Alderson
19742.909618:2179.83TLL306z, Jin
19778.784113:5076.15TLL280variant8, David Jones
19812.714218:1978.53mir werds zu bleede, Jan Langer
19851.179812:5678.17TLL280variant5, David Jones
19922.238018:2180.32mir werds daweng gar e bill zu bleede, Jan Langer
19922.302617:0478.21daweng e bill danehm, Jan Langer
19937.773317:0478.35e bill danehm, Jan Langer
19987.003119:4880.35TLL318, Timothy Alderson
19991.299419:5979.88s rubbt dem fass den fuenften deckel aus, Jan Langer
19996.944814:5778.22TLL293, Timothy Alderson
20016.086518:2179.40mir werds daweng gar zu bleede, Jan Langer
20020.879719:5777.78lasttry01, Jin
20020.879719:5778.07lasttry02, Jin
20036.082715:2078.543mc, PU
20036.082716:1578.87TLL280t3, Stijn Helsen
20046.139716:0089.94TLL295, Timothy Alderson
20060.657318:2280.61mir werds daweng gar noch e bill zu bleede, Jan Langer
20060.657319:1478.57TLL310, Timothy Alderson
20072.387018:0079.54daweng e stigg danehm_t1, Jin
20072.387018:0878.17TLL280_t2, Jin
20092.579919:5979.81s rubbt dem fass den siebten deckel aus, Jan Langer
20117.997812:2278.97TLL280variant, David Jones
20142.091314:5675.76TLL290, Timothy Alderson
20179.267815:3978.98More sociable ants 0.8, the cyclist
20190.102319:4778.40s rubbt dem fass den ganzen boden aus, Jan Langer
20191.523013:2475.46Seymore, Eat more, Ted Neeves
20191.523014:0176.99Is this a lottery?, Ted Neeves
20197.015716:2478.45Less sociable ants 1.4, the cyclist
20197.015716:2579.05Less sociable ants 1.5, the cyclist
20248.653119:2878.38mir werds da doch zu bleede, Jan Langer
20298.393315:3579.35More sociable ants 0.6, the cyclist
20310.608015:3778.80More sociable ants 0.7, the cyclist
20338.073712:3879.19TLL280variant4, David Jones
20383.746318:2379.92mir werds fei heit e bill zu bleede, Jan Langer
20383.746318:2378.99mir werds ner zu bleede, Jan Langer
20383.746319:1479.53TLL314, Timothy Alderson
20387.847814:5678.15TLL291, Timothy Alderson
20397.809516:1479.58TLL280t2, Stijn Helsen
20397.809516:1479.31TLL280t, Stijn Helsen
20444.256414:0277.95TLL280variant9, David Jones
20458.415616:3979.04hi5, PU
20464.337118:2378.22mir werds ner e bill zu bleede, Jan Langer
20481.108116:5083.03so risch verschteh ichs gar ne mehr, Jan Langer
20495.611018:2079.21mir werds e bill bleede, Jan Langer
20495.611018:2879.59TLL280r22, Jin
20497.067215:2780.99calcdxdy3_test4, Stijn Helsen
20499.297019:2879.06mir werds da doch e bill zu bleede, Jan Langer
20602.054915:3178.58More sociable ants, the cyclist
20602.054915:4278.82More sociable ants 0.1, the cyclist
20619.148819:5076.87TLL324, Timothy Alderson
20619.160416:5283.34so risch verschteh ichs ueberhaupt gar ne mehr, Jan Langer
20636.102619:4578.59mir werds doch heit zu bleede, Jan Langer
20641.307019:1479.88TLL311, Timothy Alderson
20653.336119:2979.32mir werds doch e bill zu bleede, Jan Langer
20670.566716:2279.98TLL300, Timothy Alderson
20703.603319:4477.33TLL317, Timothy Alderson
20703.736019:5975.22TLL280tweak96, David Jones
20712.426514:0588.60onward8, nathan q
20719.643214:5779.25TLL294, Timothy Alderson
20739.183713:2877.36TLL280variant7, David Jones
20774.638819:4879.10TLL320, Timothy Alderson
20774.638819:4977.50TLL321, Timothy Alderson
20781.611619:5876.06lasttry03, Jin
20781.611619:5976.83lasttry05, Jin
20786.420019:4978.07s rubbt dem fass den zweiten deckel aus, Jan Langer
20796.650019:4178.84Sts, PU
20844.296015:2185.19calcdxdy3_test1, Stijn Helsen
20852.051112:2879.47TLL280variant3, David Jones
20866.501212:4779.43Three minute c0.999r, the cyclist
20874.024516:5079.02TLL280tt3, Stijn Helsen
20901.635916:2479.03Less sociable ants 1.3, the cyclist
20948.114419:5976.09TLL280tweak94, David Jones
20983.149016:2279.04TLL301, Timothy Alderson
21009.952415:4078.38More sociable ants 0.2, the cyclist
21014.402516:2179.74TLL296, Timothy Alderson
21014.402516:2179.84TLL297, Timothy Alderson
21014.402516:2181.02TLL298, Timothy Alderson
21014.402516:2279.71TLL299, Timothy Alderson
21030.842718:2279.07mir werds fei e bill zu bleede, Jan Langer
21030.842719:1478.97TLL313, Timothy Alderson
21047.241316:2279.73TLL302, Timothy Alderson
21047.241319:4379.97TLL315, Timothy Alderson
21074.138818:0979.11TLL306, Timothy Alderson
21078.684619:5078.66TLL323, Timothy Alderson
21108.740117:4194.97excite18_95, Pasquale Ceres
21116.156815:1379.04Little wanderer, the cyclist
21155.873419:5179.68yb3 - untuned TLL280, Yevgeniy Segal
21201.364415:3879.73More sociable ants 0.3, the cyclist
21215.038818:2590.30Ant-atronics - More modifications, Rungun Nathan
21298.811815:2584.50calcdxdy3_test2, Stijn Helsen
21331.859119:5979.70s rubbt dem fass den sechsten deckel aus, Jan Langer
21360.874214:5679.57TLL292, Timothy Alderson
21398.805919:2878.84mir werds da doch noch e bill zu bleede, Jan Langer
21411.775812:5582.12Why 5? Why not 99?, the cyclist
21447.378518:1677.42TLL280_t3, Jin
21450.862013:0875.57TLL280variant6, David Jones
21450.862013:2576.17Seymore, Eat more II, Ted Neeves
21450.862017:1176.68TLL280.1, Yi Cao
21518.167814:4980.27Great Ant Josephine, Colin Ross
21519.010817:4396.14excite18_99, Pasquale Ceres
21603.928513:3478.00Seymore, Eat more III, Ted Neeves
21623.394318:2179.74mir werds daweng e bill zu bleede, Jan Langer
21739.524318:2078.56mir werds daweng zu bleede, Jan Langer
21770.374819:2779.21mir werds ner gar e bill zu bleede, Jan Langer
21862.540514:1780.58Great Ant Ariadne, Colin Ross
21885.172015:2184.28calcdxdy3_test, Stijn Helsen
21899.981618:1080.21TLL307, Timothy Alderson
21912.511514:1784.40calcdxdy3, Stijn Helsen
21926.952718:0978.77TLL303, Timothy Alderson
21948.131012:2376.74Three minute c0.90r, the cyclist
21948.131012:2477.47Three minute c0.95r, the cyclist
21948.131012:3077.40recycled?, nathan q
21951.259118:0980.99TLL304, Timothy Alderson
22020.981318:2078.86mir werds noch e bill bleede, Jan Langer
22024.708415:3677.84More sociable ants 0.4, the cyclist
22155.799119:4777.88s rubbt dem fass den halben boden aus, Jan Langer
22218.736112:3277.70Three minute c0.99r, the cyclist
22280.811619:2778.42mir werds ner noch e bill zu bleede, Jan Langer
22524.144419:4979.91TLL322, Timothy Alderson
22725.283518:2078.00mir werds gar zu bleede, Jan Langer
22835.738617:3995.80excite18_97, Pasquale Ceres
22913.179619:2981.01mir werds doch noch e bill zu bleede, Jan Langer
23045.749615:2682.98calcdxdy3_test3, Stijn Helsen
23173.607019:4980.00s rubbt dem fass den deckel aus, Jan Langer
23208.103919:4778.70s rubbt dem fass den viertelsten boden aus, Jan Langer
23662.300615:4577.653mc3, PU
23828.380619:4879.45s rubbt dem fass den achtelsten boden aus, Jan Langer
23877.453917:5579.41sideways5, nathan q
24021.632719:4679.73mir werds heit zu bleede, Jan Langer
24021.632719:4680.09s rubbt dem fass den boden aus, Jan Langer
24852.618119:5976.85lasttry06, Jin
26867.678618:0189.64excite18_80, Pasquale Ceres
28901.956715:4179.283mc2, PU
29124.294416:0874.15Randomized w/ no impassable, M. S. D. Smith
45116.229915:3363.20ss10, Steve Hoelzer
45902.436215:2464.72ss9, Steve Hoelzer
48755.984114:1377.62Great Ant Colleen, Colin Ross
48767.901914:1275.94Great Ant Vivien, Colin Ross
49213.710314:0375.03Great Ant Evelyn, Colin Ross
49293.621719:2672.80Mihi4, Mihi
56530.123117:4595.08FirstTry, Thinus Viljoen
56732.833218:16105.90FirstRandom, Thinus Viljoen

Contributions by Day

This listing shows how much each contestant improved on the top score over the course of the day.


1124.473Nick Howe
1002.828Jan Langer
455.83515:33rummel 1
546.99219:39rummel 3
433.682Stijn Helsen
257.020Laszlo Sragner
254.411Ofer Saphier
66.926Timothy Alderson


427.800Jack Snoeyink
57.421Jan Langer
57.42109:42rummel 9


148.446Hannes Naudé & Cobus Potgieter
129.112Tom Lemke
0.319the cyclist
0.15722:01The Fool on the Hill
0.16223:32Attempt the attempt


4.934Timothy Alderson
2.934the cyclist
2.69210:38GJ 0.49
0.07911:16GJ 0.485
0.05311:47GJ 0.485b
0.11115:18poke poke poke a
0.029Niilo Sirola
0.02915:10poke poke poke


219.808Jan Langer
182.06614:12butz benser 5
14.87614:30butz benser 5.5
20.96114:55butz benser 5.5 h200
0.74516:53back to butz
1.16117:30back to butz 02
90.638Timothy Alderson
8.449Tom Lemke
8.352nathan q
0.374the cyclist
0.08800:11If else 15 oops
0.00209:35Power to the people
0.12009:57nq8 a
0.312wu zhili


41.043Niilo Sirola
1.55507:20nibbling at TLL166
38.51507:23poking at TLL166
0.04708:34still poking
0.15912:26those fiddly bits around fjords
0.06812:42slightly badder
0.05012:58less hills^2 (d'oh edition)
0.04913:03mad hatter
0.01017:58midnight push X.1
1.530Timothy Alderson
0.261Jack Snoeyink
0.241the cyclist


0.051Timothy Alderson
0.020Jack Snoeyink
0.02006:00Caity did
0.007Colin Ross
0.00703:53Great Ant Caity


0.127Jack Snoeyink
0.030the cyclist
0.03013:14soo sneaky
0.008Timothy Alderson
0.005Colin Ross
0.00505:27Great Ant Jasmine
0.003Corbin Holland

All the Leaders

Here is a chronological list of the entries that held the number one spot, listed with the date submitted, the percent improvement in score, and the length of time each spent on top.

contestanttitledate% imphours
1MATLAB Contest TeamSample EntryWed 09:39Inf%0.70
2Timothy AldersonTLL001Wed 10:211.09%1.36
3Ofer Saphiersimp1Wed 11:434.18%0.55
4Laszlo SragnerSL001Wed 12:154.40%3.30
5Jan Langerrummel 1Wed 15:338.17%0.33
6Nick HoweHurryFix2Wed 15:5321.94%3.76
7Jan Langerrummel 3Wed 19:3913.67%0.11
8Stijn Helsensolver15Wed 19:450.28%0.42
9Stijn Helsensolver17Wed 20:113.04%0.01
10Stijn Helsensolver17_10Wed 20:113.47%0.01
11Stijn Helsensolver17_10_0Wed 20:126.31%13.50
12Jan Langerrummel 9Thu 09:421.90%0.45
13Jack SnoeyinkbedlamThu 10:0914.44%27.31
14Hannes Naudé & Cobus PotgieterZee4Fri 13:280.23%1.68
15Hannes Naudé & Cobus PotgieterZee5Fri 15:093.79%1.33
16Hannes Naudé & Cobus PotgieterBUGFIXFri 16:291.92%1.08
17Anthonyedit1Fri 17:330.88%3.78
18Tom LemkeAttempt010Fri 21:203.89%0.69
19the cyclistThe Fool on the HillFri 22:010.01%0.95
20Tom LemkeAttempt013Fri 22:581.63%0.55
21the cyclistAttempt the attemptFri 23:320.01%11.11
22the cyclistGJ 0.49Sat 10:380.12%0.63
23the cyclistGJ 0.485Sat 11:160.00%0.51
24the cyclistGJ 0.485bSat 11:470.00%2.36
25Timothy AldersonTLL006Sat 14:080.20%1.03
26Niilo Sirolapoke poke pokeSat 15:100.00%0.01
27Timothy AldersonTLL008Sat 15:100.01%0.14
28the cyclistpoke poke poke aSat 15:180.00%0.94
29Timothy AldersonTLL013Sat 16:150.01%7.78
30Timothy AldersonTLL015Sun 00:020.03%0.12
31the cyclistTLL015aSun 00:090.01%0.03
32the cyclistIf else 15 oopsSun 00:110.00%1.01
33Timothy AldersonTLL126Sun 01:120.00%8.40
34the cyclistPower to the peopleSun 09:350.00%0.25
35nathan qnq8Sun 09:500.38%0.11
36the cyclistnq8 aSun 09:570.01%2.56
37Timothy AldersonTLL127Sun 12:300.59%0.92
38wu zhilitweak-it14Sun 13:250.01%0.77
39Jan Langerbutz benser 5Sun 14:128.26%0.30
40Jan Langerbutz benser 5.5Sun 14:300.74%0.41
41Timothy AldersonTLL135Sun 14:540.91%0.01
42Jan Langerbutz benser 5.5 h200Sun 14:551.05%0.66
43Timothy AldersonTLL138Sun 15:341.50%0.62
44Timothy AldersonTLL139Sun 16:110.45%0.40
45Tom Lemkesunday015Sun 16:350.08%0.30
46Jan Langerback to butzSun 16:530.04%0.59
47Tom Lemkesunday018Sun 17:280.31%0.02
48Jan Langerback to butz 02Sun 17:300.06%0.69
49Tom Lemkesunday027Sun 18:110.04%0.43
50Timothy AldersonTLL146Sun 18:370.00%0.28
51Timothy AldersonTLL147Sun 18:530.01%0.01
52Timothy AldersonTLL150Sun 18:540.32%0.59
53Timothy AldersonTLL154Sun 19:290.59%0.93
54Timothy AldersonTLL156Sun 20:250.08%0.25
55Timothy AldersonTLL157Sun 20:400.07%3.58
56the cyclistTLL157aMon 00:150.01%6.76
57Timothy AldersonTLL166Mon 07:000.05%0.32
58Niilo Sirolanibbling at TLL166Mon 07:200.08%0.05
59Niilo Sirolapoking at TLL166Mon 07:232.03%1.17
60Niilo Sirolastill pokingMon 08:340.00%1.48
61JohanHpokemon2Mon 10:020.01%0.99
62Timothy AldersonTLL178Mon 11:020.01%1.02
63Niilo SirolaTLL178_poke.dMon 12:030.02%0.27
64Niilo SirolaTLL178_poke.d2Mon 12:190.00%0.11
65Niilo Sirolathose fiddly bits around fjordsMon 12:260.01%0.08
66Jack SnoeyinkTLL178_goes_badMon 12:300.01%0.19
67Niilo Sirolaslightly badderMon 12:420.00%0.15
68Timothy AldersonTLL181Mon 12:510.00%0.11
69Niilo Sirolaless hills^2 (d'oh edition)Mon 12:580.00%0.08
70Niilo Sirolamad hatterMon 13:030.00%0.15
71Timothy AldersonTLL183Mon 13:120.00%0.51
72Niilo SirolaTLL183_pokeMon 13:420.00%0.31
73Timothy AldersonTLL185Mon 14:010.00%1.44
74Timothy AldersonTLL196Mon 15:270.00%0.08
75Niilo SirolaTLL185_poke.cMon 15:320.00%0.92
76Timothy AldersonTLL205Mon 16:270.01%0.37
77Timothy AldersonTLL207Mon 16:490.00%0.35
78Timothy AldersonTLL212Mon 17:100.00%0.01
79Timothy AldersonTLL214Mon 17:110.00%0.79
80Niilo Sirolamidnight push X.1Mon 17:580.00%9.91
81Colin RossGreat Ant CaityTue 03:530.00%2.11
82Jack SnoeyinkCaity didTue 06:000.00%0.42
83Timothy AldersonTLL232Tue 06:250.00%0.03
84Timothy AldersonTLL233Tue 06:270.00%0.09
85Timothy AldersonTLL235Tue 06:330.00%0.15
86Timothy AldersonTLL236Tue 06:410.00%4.45
87Timothy AldersonTLL280Tue 11:080.00%16.22
88Corbin Hollandopt25Wed 03:210.00%1.78
89Jack Snoeyinkopt25_lutWed 05:080.01%0.32
90Colin RossGreat Ant JasmineWed 05:270.00%0.22
91Timothy AldersonTLL326Wed 05:410.00%0.19
92Timothy AldersonTLL330Wed 05:520.00%1.12
93Timothy AldersonTLL336Wed 06:590.00%0.00
94Timothy AldersonTLL337Wed 06:590.00%4.50
95JohanHsoolver2Wed 11:300.35%1.63
96JohanHtweaky4Wed 13:080.01%0.10
97the cyclistsoo sneakyWed 13:140.00%24.30

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