Darkness 2011-11-02 12:00:00 UTC
Twilight 2011-11-03 12:00:00 UTC
Daylight 2011-11-04 12:00:00 UTC
Finish 2011-11-09 12:00:00 UTC

Vines - Statistics

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Saturday Leap

This listing shows how much each entry that took the lead on Saturday improved on the previous top score.

changetimetitle, author
374.000005:29Vines&Vines, Amitabh Verma
134.000014:26Mighty Mono Vines, Amitabh Verma
45.000007:25Sweet vine makes sour vinegar !, Amitabh Verma
28.000001:57Staredown, Mike Russell
25.000003:49Noise, Mike Russell
20.000020:33Use more moves, Michael C.
19.000020:55Use more moves2, Michael C.
17.000000:20Walmart, Mike Russell
11.000011:33Frederikshavn 2, Alex P.
5.000003:08A for Effort, the cyclist
5.000009:17Pori sat 6, Abhisek Ukil
5.000009:54Björneborg, Alex P.
5.000015:22One More Time, Wes
5.000015:39maybe it does, Sebastian Ullmann
4.000000:27Pori's Saturn 4, Abhisek Ukil
4.000004:03just checking, Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
3.000004:10just checking, Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
2.000001:11Pori's Saturn 13, Abhisek Ukil
2.000001:20litte optimization in time, Alex P.
2.000001:23Pori's Saturn 17, Abhisek Ukil
2.000013:31Once More With Feeling, Wes
2.000016:29Too much Kurt is never good , Kurt Janssens
2.000021:53? what now?, Alex P.
1.000001:26Pori's Saturn 18, Abhisek Ukil
1.000003:58Teeter Totter, Mike Russell
1.000015:33One More Time 2.0, Kurt Janssens
1.000019:08check more rotations v, Kurt Janssens
1.000021:30Use more moves3, Michael C.
0.000017:16not all nicks tests, Alex P.
0.000017:17check more rotations, Alex P.
0.000019:47vvv^^^, Alex P.

Best Per Phase

The top 25 contestant's best entry in each phase.

Top contestants during darkness

1Alfonso Nieto-CastanonThu 13:4768614468583421 (cyc: 36, node: 5066)20
2Robert MacraeThu 14:5369563669519102 (cyc: 53, node: 1550)19
3Nicholas HoweThu 15:4671470671459642 (cyc: 20, node: 1025)36
4Martin FThu 15:3973821773803791 (cyc: 27, node: 995)32
5Jack SnoeyinkThu 15:5773842473842310 (cyc: 9, node: 244)5
6David SmithWed 22:2773867173866871 (cyc: 4, node: 329)31
7WesThu 14:4474030874030345 (cyc: 7, node: 609)9
8apmkThu 05:1075107074897446 (cyc: 5, node: 534)104
9Kurt JanssensThu 15:3575147175123216 (cyc: 33, node: 709)54
10Leendert CombeeThu 12:4775198075185141 (cyc: 13, node: 1296)80
11Alan ChalkerThu 15:3275873775832276 (cyc: 16, node: 1050)90
12Abhisek UkilThu 11:2675878775873915 (cyc: 13, node: 988)63
13Paul GribbleThu 00:3076035176033168 (cyc: 5, node: 818)65
14SunkeWed 22:5776265776265451 (cyc: 10, node: 325)40
15Will DampierWed 20:2076350576349900 (cyc: 4, node: 677)42
16Alex P.Wed 23:3176351476348956 (cyc: 12, node: 532)42
17Bradley SteelWed 21:4776552276551882 (cyc: 9, node: 429)38
18Martin ReesThu 15:0876736076734895 (cyc: 10, node: 1109)49
19FelThu 13:1777305677291970 (cyc: 19, node: 1168)73
20Michael C.Thu 00:4077307477306967 (cyc: 8, node: 405)50
21Daniel EThu 14:1477360177357525 (cyc: 12, node: 672)7
22Seth KosowskyThu 15:5377366477360154 (cyc: 15, node: 1376)8
23Michael BindschadlerWed 23:0977520577520274 (cyc: 5, node: 301)16
24Tom GranaThu 04:2477682177678510 (cyc: 13, node: 665)1
25Vicente ParotThu 00:2477844977841617 (cyc: 13, node: 357)2

Top contestants during twilight

1Nicholas HoweFri 15:3467122367086812 (cyc: 33, node: 2645)81
2Alfonso Nieto-CastanonFri 07:1767597067574842 (cyc: 26, node: 5562)61
3Robert MacraeFri 13:1269527569482452 (cyc: 53, node: 2034)47
4Kurt JanssensFri 14:4473206073178068 (cyc: 37, node: 993)15
5Martin FFri 15:2073369473348480 (cyc: 29, node: 2008)38
6Jan LangerFri 15:5973785073782355 (cyc: 11, node: 1411)55
7WesFri 15:4173805573802749 (cyc: 12, node: 781)37
8Jack SnoeyinkThu 17:5573841173828733 (cyc: 22, node: 472)5
9Mark LyubarevFri 06:5973842573842310 (cyc: 7, node: 312)23
10Michael BindschadlerThu 21:2274302174285311 (cyc: 23, node: 3676)51
11Jeff KiserFri 08:0275150475142054 (cyc: 5, node: 527)79
12Matheus SouzaFri 00:1375329075129918 (cyc: 191, node: 4074)84
13Bradley SteelFri 12:5175392075380724 (cyc: 18, node: 2464)63
14Andre FioravantiThu 19:2575482675370573 (cyc: 59, node: 1310)95
15Paul GribbleFri 13:2875497875492344 (cyc: 8, node: 669)76
16Leendert CombeeFri 15:5075549275532386 (cyc: 18, node: 2103)78
17Huseyin TetikolFri 01:4975799475798511 (cyc: 9, node: 456)59
18Abhisek UkilThu 18:2275821775761365 (cyc: 16, node: 423)94
19Sergey Y.Thu 19:1375848275847532 (cyc: 6, node: 701)45
20Alan ChalkerFri 01:3075864575833062 (cyc: 16, node: 1056)88
21Manu BaturaFri 13:4875895775311226 (cyc: 19, node: 801)112
22Will DampierFri 02:5675918575904517 (cyc: 5, node: 875)83
23Francesco La MottaFri 14:4776038576024805 (cyc: 23, node: 708)48
24Venu LollaThu 17:0876120276118593 (cyc: 9, node: 604)65
25Matthew RobertsFri 15:4176218076215842 (cyc: 9, node: 461)68

Contributions in Daylight

This listing shows how much each contestant improved on the top score over the course of the day.


7951.000Kurt Janssens
7945.00019:12v 24
5422.000Nicholas Howe
4747.00015:34Revenge of Antichaff
675.00020:56Cheap Reverse
3282.000Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
1588.00018:42different people different day
1655.00018:59same people same day
38.00022:01in the spirit(2)
1.00022:04in the spirit(3)
596.000amit rajora
320.000Abhisek Ukil
203.000Alex P.
16.00021:18cheaper way
17.00021:39cheaper way 99
1.00021:47route 99 (1)
3.00021:47route 99 (2)
138.00022:11bad solution
3.000the cyclist
3.00023:12Removing an fprintf() statement HAS to be faster, right?
1.000Sebastian Ullmann
1.00021:00cheaper ?
1.000Dimitris Kaliakmanis
1.00023:51reducing nodes!!!


553.000Amitabh Verma
45.00007:25Sweet vine makes sour vinegar !
134.00014:26Mighty Mono Vines
71.000Mike Russell
1.00003:58Teeter Totter
40.000Michael C.
20.00020:33Use more moves
19.00020:55Use more moves2
1.00021:30Use more moves3
20.000Alex P.
2.00001:20litte optimization in time
11.00011:33Frederikshavn 2
0.00017:16not all nicks tests
0.00017:17check more rotations
2.00021:53? what now?
14.000Abhisek Ukil
4.00000:27Pori's Saturn 4
2.00001:11Pori's Saturn 13
2.00001:23Pori's Saturn 17
1.00001:26Pori's Saturn 18
5.00009:17Pori sat 6
2.00013:31Once More With Feeling
5.00015:22One More Time
7.000Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
4.00004:03just checking
3.00004:10just checking
5.000the cyclist
5.00003:08A for Effort
5.000Sebastian Ullmann
5.00015:39maybe it does
4.000Kurt Janssens
1.00015:33One More Time 2.0
2.00016:29Too much Kurt is never good
1.00019:08check more rotations v


333.000Sergey Y.
147.000Amitabh Verma
139.00000:01Dancing with the Vines
8.00000:02Dancing with the Vines a lil more
8.000Sebastian Ullmann
3.00018:20exactly 15k
4.00020:39no bellman 15k
1.00022:34no bell
6.000Alex P.
1.00014:41same as the top
5.00016:32less postprocessing
5.000Mike Russell
2.00017:47It's all good.
1.000the cyclist
1.00012:21Infinite vector 31
1.000Abhisek Ukil
1.00000:48Pori sunny
0.000Dimitris Kaliakmanis
0.00020:56i hope in slight improvement


181.000Magnus S
115.00009:13Some say that he has been granted the patent on November
10.00011:41Some say that he gathers no moss
56.00014:12Some say that his quack echoes
29.000amit rajora
10.00011:10ac vs tm
7.000Alex P.
6.00021:22mal 15
1.00023:49test 2
5.000Amitabh Verma
3.00000:24Sunday Push1
2.00001:21Sunday Push4
0.00009:02Monday Leap


625.000Gwendolyn Fischer
16.00010:16In the jungle 60
19.00010:21Just to encourage new ways
460.00013:05Fifty ways to leave
130.00013:10Some say he is called thor
105.000Magnus S
86.00010:34Some say that he is careful when doing something stupid
4.00011:59Some say that he is the archenemy of Benny Hill
15.00012:55Some say that his last name begins with the letter thorn
46.000Michael Völker
9.00013:39verplaatsindex, verplaatsindex, verplaatsindex, verplaatsindex
4.00014:06Some say voodoo


9713.000Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
685.000Sergey Y.
342.000Nicholas Howe
146.00005:30persistence 7
55.000Michael Völker
1.00014:56Percy Flarge
16.00016:10and off went the noodle
5.000Abhisek Ukil
5.00016:35Pori Final1
4.000Dimitris Kaliakmanis
4.00016:31first first first

Best Result

These are the first entries to break through each result barrier, ignoring time.

resulttimecputitle, author
78985834Wed 16:375.77Simple Start, Matt Butts
78730971Wed 16:385.52Another Simple Start, Matt Butts
77932088Wed 16:581.74Some say that his favourite chewing gum flavour is minced lion, Magnus S
73842310Wed 18:093.46TrickleFix, Nicholas Howe
73792338Wed 19:4916.59Trickle2, Nicholas Howe
71587896Thu 03:1839.06Pushem, Nicholas Howe
71248336Thu 11:187.20Gluvine 08, Robert Macrae
69003204Thu 12:4017.91try01, Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
69002377Thu 12:4424.66try02, Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
68583421Thu 13:4719.54try04, Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
68530443Fri 04:1522.28try05, Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
67820010Fri 05:4746.23test05_tweak01, Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
67610965Fri 05:5749.34test05_tweak04, Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
67583672Fri 06:0751.41test05_tweak06, Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
67576440Fri 06:1651.47test05_tweak08, Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
67574842Fri 07:1760.76test05_tweak10, Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
67086812Fri 15:3481.09Revenge of Antichaff, Nicholas Howe
65841499Fri 17:02142.90Same people different day, Mike Russell
65799435Fri 20:5682.08Cheap Reverse, Nicholas Howe
65797442Fri 21:0282.840.93, Kurt Janssens
65793779Fri 21:2185.610.99, Steven
65786306Fri 22:1172.34bad solution, Alex P.
65786270Fri 22:3275.18Hundertundein Luftballons, Alex P.
65785326Fri 23:2680.99E4-Berlin, Alex P.
65785266Fri 23:2796.61new decision (10), Alex P.
65775902Sat 00:01124.43Porisat1, Abhisek Ukil
65754380Sat 00:03145.38Porisat3, Abhisek Ukil
65752388Sat 00:55173.79bonne nuit, Alex P.
65706729Sat 01:07146.11Sour Grapes, Amitabh Verma
65706362Sat 20:3367.77Use more moves, Michael C.
65704249Sat 20:5568.09Use more moves2, Michael C.
65704096Sat 21:3068.08Use more moves3, Michael C.
65687059Sun 00:0176.09Dancing with the Vines, Amitabh Verma
65673422Sun 01:5572.73SundayCat2, Sergey Y.
65671108Sun 01:5772.67SundayCat3, Sergey Y.
65670991Sun 02:2672.75SundayCat12, Sergey Y.
65670216Sun 02:3473.33SundayCat15, Sergey Y.
65666317Sun 02:3973.64SundayCat16, Sergey Y.
65666315Sun 02:4772.37SundayCat18, Sergey Y.
65665710Sun 03:3673.11SundayCat29, Sergey Y.
65664758Sun 04:3377.3312V, Amitabh Verma
65661926Sun 13:11104.84 15V1 + Alex tryagain, Alex P.
65654063Sun 15:4973.50SundayMorningCat3, Sergey Y.
65650750Sun 16:35104.60solver Alex preprocessor, Alex P.
65648042Sun 21:2798.84More ?, Amitabh Verma
65647848Mon 18:30107.66MoreCats????, Sergey Y.
65644535Mon 23:23139.27SlowCat1, Sergey Y.
65611932Mon 23:56168.16Going Heavy !, Amitabh Verma
65558057Mon 23:56174.49All Guns Blazing, Amitabh Verma
65492821Tue 13:48172.09Some say that he went down in a blaze of glory, Magnus S
65488779Wed 16:4573.56noodle+sort, Jack Snoeyink
65341252Wed 16:4887.69pf3pushmixfull, Nicholas Howe
65036219Wed 16:5555.94lastttry01, Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
64528599Wed 16:5561.28lasttry02, Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
64469786Wed 16:5662.63lasttry03, Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
64469401Wed 16:5667.10lasttry04, Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
64469330Wed 16:5766.87lasttry05, Alfonso Nieto-Castanon

All the Leaders

Here is a chronological list of the entries that held the number one spot, listed with the date submitted, the percent improvement in score, and the length of time each spent on top.

contestanttitledate% imphours
1Matt ButtsSimple StartWed 16:37Inf%0.01
2Matt ButtsAnother Simple StartWed 16:380.32%0.33
3Magnus SSome say that his favourite chewing gum flavour is minced lionWed 16:581.02%1.20
4Nicholas HoweTrickleFixWed 18:095.25%1.66
5Nicholas HoweTrickle2Wed 19:490.07%7.48
6Nicholas HowePushemThu 03:182.99%7.99
7Robert MacraeGluvine 08Thu 11:180.38%0.70
8Robert MacraeGluvine 10Thu 11:590.03%0.68
9Alfonso Nieto-Castanontry01Thu 12:403.18%0.07
10Alfonso Nieto-Castanontry02Thu 12:440.00%1.04
11Alfonso Nieto-Castanontry04Thu 13:470.59%14.47
12Alfonso Nieto-Castanontry05Fri 04:150.09%1.54
13Alfonso Nieto-Castanontest05_tweak01Fri 05:471.04%0.16
14Alfonso Nieto-Castanontest05_tweak04Fri 05:570.31%0.17
15Alfonso Nieto-Castanontest05_tweak06Fri 06:070.04%0.15
16Alfonso Nieto-Castanontest05_tweak08Fri 06:160.01%1.02
17Alfonso Nieto-Castanontest05_tweak10Fri 07:170.00%8.27
18Nicholas HoweRevenge of AntichaffFri 15:340.70%2.71
19amit rajoracopypastejob5Fri 18:160.00%0.30
20amit rajoracopypastejob9Fri 18:340.00%0.13
21Alfonso Nieto-Castanondifferent people different dayFri 18:420.24%0.14
22amit rajoracopypastejob11Fri 18:510.00%0.13
23Alfonso Nieto-Castanonsame people same dayFri 18:590.25%0.22
24Kurt Janssensv 24Fri 19:121.19%0.13
25amit rajora19Fri 19:200.09%0.22
26Abhisek UkilWittyFri 19:330.01%0.06
27Abhisek UkilPori1Fri 19:370.02%0.12
28Abhisek UkilPori4Fri 19:440.00%0.15
29Abhisek UkilPori7Fri 19:530.00%0.43
30amit rajoralastcopypasteFri 20:180.00%0.27
31Alex P.-1Fri 20:340.00%0.08
32Abhisek UkilPori13Fri 20:400.02%0.27
33Nicholas HoweCheap ReverseFri 20:560.10%0.07
34Sebastian Ullmanncheaper ?Fri 21:000.00%0.04
35Kurt Janssens0.93Fri 21:020.00%0.26
36Alex P.cheaper wayFri 21:180.00%0.35
37Alex P.cheaper way 99Fri 21:390.00%0.12
38Alex P.route 99 (1)Fri 21:470.00%0.01
39Alex P.route 99 (2)Fri 21:470.00%0.23
40Alfonso Nieto-Castanonin the spirit(2)Fri 22:010.01%0.04
41Alfonso Nieto-Castanonin the spirit(3)Fri 22:040.00%0.12
42Alex P.bad solutionFri 22:110.02%1.03
43the cyclistRemoving an fprintf() statement HAS to be faster, right?Fri 23:120.00%0.65
44Dimitris Kaliakmanisreducing nodes!!!Fri 23:510.00%0.47
45Mike RussellWalmartSat 00:200.00%0.13
46Abhisek UkilPori's Saturn 4Sat 00:270.00%0.72
47Abhisek UkilPori's Saturn 13Sat 01:110.00%0.16
48Alex P.litte optimization in timeSat 01:200.00%0.04
49Abhisek UkilPori's Saturn 17Sat 01:230.00%0.06
50Abhisek UkilPori's Saturn 18Sat 01:260.00%0.52
51Mike RussellStaredownSat 01:570.00%1.17
52the cyclistA for EffortSat 03:080.00%0.68
53Mike RussellNoiseSat 03:490.00%0.16
54Mike RussellTeeter TotterSat 03:580.00%0.09
55Alfonso Nieto-Castanonjust checkingSat 04:030.00%0.11
56Alfonso Nieto-Castanonjust checkingSat 04:100.00%1.33
57Amitabh VermaVines&VinesSat 05:290.06%1.93
58Amitabh VermaSweet vine makes sour vinegar !Sat 07:250.01%1.87
59Abhisek UkilPori sat 6Sat 09:170.00%0.62
60Alex P.BjörneborgSat 09:540.00%1.66
61Alex P.Frederikshavn 2Sat 11:330.00%1.97
62WesOnce More With FeelingSat 13:310.00%0.92
63Amitabh VermaMighty Mono VinesSat 14:260.02%0.94
64WesOne More TimeSat 15:220.00%0.18
65Kurt JanssensOne More Time 2.0Sat 15:330.00%0.10
66Sebastian Ullmannmaybe it doesSat 15:390.00%0.83
67Kurt JanssensToo much Kurt is never good Sat 16:290.00%0.78
68Alex P.not all nicks testsSat 17:160.00%0.02
69Alex P.check more rotationsSat 17:170.00%1.86
70Kurt Janssenscheck more rotations vSat 19:080.00%0.65
71Alex P.vvv^^^Sat 19:470.00%0.76
72Michael C.Use more movesSat 20:330.00%0.37
73Michael C.Use more moves2Sat 20:550.00%0.58
74Michael C.Use more moves3Sat 21:300.00%0.38
75Alex P.? what now?Sat 21:530.00%2.14
76Amitabh VermaDancing with the VinesSun 00:010.02%0.02
77Amitabh VermaDancing with the Vines a lil moreSun 00:020.00%0.76
78Abhisek UkilPori sunnySun 00:480.00%0.82
79Sergey Y.SundayCat1Sun 01:370.00%0.31
80Sergey Y.SundayCat2Sun 01:550.02%0.03
81Sergey Y.SundayCat3Sun 01:570.00%0.32
82Sergey Y.SundayCat9Sun 02:160.00%0.30
83Sergey Y.SundayCat15Sun 02:340.00%0.08
84Sergey Y.SundayCat16Sun 02:390.01%0.13
85Sergey Y.SundayCat18Sun 02:470.00%0.81
86Sergey Y.SundayCat29Sun 03:360.00%0.22
87Sergey Y.SundayCat31Sun 03:490.00%8.54
88the cyclistInfinite vector 31Sun 12:210.00%2.34
89Alex P.same as the top Sun 14:410.00%1.12
90Sergey Y.SundayMorningCat3Sun 15:490.02%0.73
91Alex P.less postprocessingSun 16:320.00%1.25
92Mike RussellIt's all good.Sun 17:470.00%0.05
93Mike Russell15kSun 17:500.00%0.50
94Sebastian Ullmannexactly 15kSun 18:200.00%2.31
95Sebastian Ullmannno bellman 15kSun 20:390.00%0.29
96Dimitris Kaliakmanisi hope in slight improvementSun 20:560.00%1.62
97Sebastian Ullmannno bellSun 22:340.00%0.69
98Alex P.ll^Sun 23:150.00%1.15
99Amitabh VermaSunday Push1Mon 00:240.00%0.96
100Amitabh VermaSunday Push4Mon 01:210.00%7.68
101FelMonday LeapMon 09:020.00%0.17
102Magnus SSome say that he has been granted the patent on NovemberMon 09:130.02%1.96
103amit rajoraac vs tmMon 11:100.00%0.50
104Magnus SSome say that he gathers no mossMon 11:410.00%1.63
105amit rajorammredMon 13:180.00%0.89
106Magnus SSome say that his quack echoesMon 14:120.01%0.49
107amit rajoramMon 14:410.00%6.68
108Alex P.mal 15Mon 21:220.00%2.45
109Alex P.test 2Mon 23:490.00%10.44
110Gwendolyn FischerIn the jungle 60Tue 10:160.00%0.10
111Gwendolyn FischerJust to encourage new waysTue 10:210.00%0.21
112Magnus SSome say that he is careful when doing something stupidTue 10:340.01%0.73
113Michael Völkernow?Tue 11:170.01%0.69
114Magnus SSome say that he is the archenemy of Benny HillTue 11:590.00%0.94
115Magnus SSome say that his last name begins with the letter thornTue 12:550.00%0.16
116Gwendolyn FischerFifty ways to leaveTue 13:050.07%0.08
117Gwendolyn FischerSome say he is called thorTue 13:100.02%0.48
118Michael Völkerverplaatsindex, verplaatsindex, verplaatsindex, verplaatsindexTue 13:390.00%0.45
119Michael VölkerSome say voodooTue 14:060.00%14.35
120Michael VölkerbrickWed 04:270.00%0.24
121Michael VölkerFinisterreWed 04:420.00%0.80
122Volkanpersistence 7Wed 05:300.02%2.08
123Dimitris Kaliakmanisfirst55.addr2Wed 07:340.00%7.23
124Michael VölkerpersiflageWed 14:480.00%0.14
125Michael VölkerPercy FlargeWed 14:560.00%0.98
126Sergey Y.PercyCat3Wed 15:550.10%0.25
127Michael Völkerand off went the noodleWed 16:100.00%0.35
128Dimitris Kaliakmanisfirst first firstWed 16:310.00%0.06
129Abhisek UkilPori Final1Wed 16:350.00%0.23
130Nicholas Howepf3pushmixfullWed 16:480.05%0.10
131Alfonso Nieto-Castanonlastttry01Wed 16:550.62%0.01
132Alfonso Nieto-Castanonlasttry02Wed 16:550.78%0.01
133Alfonso Nieto-Castanonlasttry03Wed 16:560.09%0.40


This is the most useful diagram for visualizing the contest. It shows the dramatic improvements that occur over time. Each passing entry is a dot, with its submission time on the x-axis and it's score on the y-axis. Since a lower score is better, the dots push down further as time goes on. All entries that took the lead are colored red and the red lines marks the best score at any time. The sample entry is the leftmost red dot and the leader is the last red dot in the lower right.

Some of the leading entries are circled and labeled with the author's name. They show who was making the biggest improvements in score (represented in this plot as a vertical drop in the red line) at any point in the contest.

The improvement in score happens over a huge dynamic range. Early in the contest, it is easy to make big improvements in the score. As the algorithms get better, improvements become increasingly difficult. To show this, we normalize the scores so the best (smallest) score is 1 and the worst score is some power of 10. Then we plot them on a logarithmic scale. This exaggerates the improvements at the end of the contest. By increasing the number of decades we spread the scores over, we increasingly exaggerate the smaller improvements made at the end of the contest.

results vs. cpu time

One of the interesting aspects of the contest is that entries needed to minimize two things at once. Getting the best possible answer must be weighed against the time an entry takes to run. The entry's score is a combination of these two factors. Plotting these two against each other yields a very different picture of the contest.

The leader line is shown in red again in this picture. The gray contours show lines of constant score. In general, the best score is somewhere along the lower-left frontier of shortest time and lowest results. Algorithmic improvements tend to move down and to the right, and they are followed by tweaking battles in which the new algorithm claws its way back down the time axis.

Submissions Over Time

This area plot shows how the total number of entries grows. The green area represents the entries that passed the test suite, and the red area shows those that failed.

Activity by Hour

Each bar represents an hour's worth of entries. The contest has three major phases. The first day is in "darkness", where contestants can submit entries but they can't see any of the entries or their scores. To win this phase, an entry must be general and robust. The second day is "twilight", where we show the scores but not yet the code. This allows contestants to develop their algorithm without anyone else being able to leverage their ideas.

On the histogram, the darkness and twilight phases are the two boxes on the left. The other boxes and vertical gray lines call out other mid-contest challenges.

Participants per Day

We know that one participant may submit hundreds of entries. Let's look at the number of unique participants on each day of the contest.

Most active participants

This bar plot shows the number of entries submitted by our most prolific authors.

Entry length

This plot shows how many characters of code are in each of the leading entries. In regions where you see entries of more or less the same length there are very few differences from one entry to the next. In other places you can see the code getting shorter or longer. The density of the lines also shows how often the lead is changing. It's most impressive when shorter code takes the top spot, either by pruning unneeded computation or by introducing new algorithms. The red line at the top shows the cap on entry length.

Percent improvement

This is a plot of the percent improvement generated by each new leader relative to the previous leader. This lets us see who is responsible for the biggest changes over the contest. The upper frontier of this plot is a sort of hall of fame, and someone whose name appears there more than once managed to make several significant improvements to the score.

Improvements by day

Highlighting all the entries submitted on each day in red shows shows how the overall progression down and to the left. A black circle indicates the leader at the end of each day.