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small crossword

Near the end, everybody has the same idea. It’s obvious, really. Hold back a trick or two and throw it into the mix in the last few minutes. Then cross your fingers and hope that your number comes up. Ideas are cheap, but who can deliver the goods? I’ll tell you who, ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Nicholas Howe of Smith College, that’s who. Read more about the last stretch of our Spring MATLAB Programming contest in the contest blog.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this season's contest -The Crossword Puzzle. It was a really fun week! It was great to have our seasoned veterans back, and really great to see some new faces. We loved reading your feedback on both the blog and the cssm newsgroup. If you missed any of the chatter, you can still join in the conversation. See you all next contest!

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Top Submissions
Submit Date Rank Title Player Results CPU Time Score
Apr 20 15:49 1 Rapid Weight Loss May Be Harmful Nicholas Howe 6830338 61.824 17091.7
Apr 20 15:44 2 Valles Marinaris Nicholas Howe 6830338 62.99 17091.8
Apr 20 15:58 3 Grand Canyon 2 Nicholas Howe 6848899 62.344 17137.2
Apr 20 15:43 4 James and the Giant Peach Nicholas Howe 6852909 42.218 17146.7
Apr 20 15:48 5 Field Theory 2 Nicholas Howe 6859045 91.979 17178.2

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