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Gene Sequencing

Latest News

Congratulations to Francois Glineur, whose winning GFD6e entry flew in to hold the lead with minutes left, splicing together our test suite in only 9.36 seconds! Francois will be able to choose from one of three prize packages listed on the Rules page.

There's an analysis of the winning entry now available by following the "Analysis" link to the left; the analysis includes a link to the test suite. As before, feel free to post your discussions to the discussion page, as well as on comp.soft-sys.matlab.

We hope you've had a great time playing; we've had a great time hosting.

Here's to seeing you in the queue next at the contest,
-- The MATLAB Contest Team

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Top Submissions
Submit Date Rank Title Player Results CPU Time Score
Mar 24 16:57 1 GFD6e Francois Glineur 99 9.363 51679.4
Mar 24 16:58 2 GFD6g Francois Glineur 99 10.525 51680.5
Mar 24 17:00 3 GFD6i Francois Glineur 99 10.525 51680.5
Mar 24 16:57 4 GFD6f Francois Glineur 99 10.495 51681.5
Mar 24 16:56 5 GFD6.d Francois Glineur 99 10.615 51681.6

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