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Protein Folding

Latest News

  • The Protein Contest Analysis is now available online. Read the Post Contest Analysis, Contest Story, and the Mid Contest Analysis.

  • Curious to know who won those MATLAB T-shirts? We posted a listing of the winners and asked them to tell us a little more about themselves. Be sure to check it out!

  • Congratulations to our Protein Folding Contest champion, MR Keenan with the winning entry Santa Claus. In addition to being covered in glory and forever enshrined in our Contest Winner's Page, MR will receive the grand prize of a Rubik's Snake Puzzle (see this folding animation), a winner's certificate autographed by the Contest team, and an assortment of booty including a MATLAB T-shirt, mug, and calculator. A look at the last contest reveals that MR just missed winning by a whisker, so we are pleased to welcome him into the winner's circle. An honorable mention goes to the illustrious and incorrigible hacker E. Brian Welch for finding a hole in our test filter with ASSIGNIN test. Rest assured that will be fixed before the next contest.

  • The ZIP-file on the File Exchange now also contains the actual testsuite used to score the contest.

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  • Top Submissions
    Submit Date Rank Title Player Results CPU Time Score
    Nov 13 16:50 1 Santa Claus MR Keenan 2156 66.456 2160.44
    Nov 13 16:53 2 Blind Leading the Blind Colin Ross 2156 66.847 2160.51
    Nov 13 16:53 3 FF26 Lucio Andrade 2156 66.895 2160.52
    Nov 13 16:53 4 MM03 MadMark 2156 67.315 2160.61
    Nov 13 16:56 5 FF28 Lucio Andrade 2156 67.506 2160.65

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