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R2012b - Right Click Toolstrip items -> add to shortcuts - Not on all items

Asked by Robert Cumming on 6 Mar 2013

In R2012b on the toolstrip you can add items that you commonly use in the toolstrip to your quick access toolbar (QAT) - however not all items can be added

So as requested in another question here is a screen shot and a new question.

In the image (left) below you will see that when I right click on the Clear All, Set/Clear etc I get the right click option to add to the QAT.

When I click on the Stop on Errors and Stop on Warning I dont get the option.

Note: I know I can add it manually via my own shortcut - I was just wondering why some items can be added with right click and some cant....


Robert Cumming


1 Answer

Answer by Shashank Prasanna on 6 Mar 2013
Accepted answer

Robert, I am afraid I don't have an answer to 'why'.

But I do know if you suggest this to

they'd be happy to consider this for an enhancement request.


Robert Cumming on 6 Mar 2013

Maybe I should have reworded the question - is this a quirk of my installation - or do you see the same "feature"?

Sean de Wolski on 6 Mar 2013

I see the same. Please contact us so we can create an enhancement request.

You can, of course, write your own shortcut and add it to QAT as a workaround.

Shashank Prasanna

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