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Many GPU problems on new MacBook Pro

Asked by Ralph

Ralph (view profile)

on 20 Aug 2012


I've just got a new MBP with a GeForce 650M. I've downloaded an installed the latest CUDA driver (5.0). After doing so, I was getting out of memory errors for the GPU when trying to run one of the GPU demos. I restarted MATLAB. Then I got a general "unknown" error when trying to execute any gpu commands. So I restarted the computer. Now I'm getting a msg that says no supported CUDA devices. When I execute "gpuDeviceCount" I get 0. I also tried the following:

>> parallel.internal.gpu.CUDADriverVersion Error using iMacDriverVersion (line 96) Could not read version information from "/System/Library/Extensions/NVDAResman.kext/Contents/Info.plist".

Error in /Applications/>CUDADriverVersion (line 13)


So basically nothing works now, and it cannot even find the device. I'm not sure how to proceed. Any ideas suggestions? I'm running R2011_b.





Ralph (view profile)


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1 Answer

Answer by Edric Ellis

Edric Ellis (view profile)

on 21 Aug 2012
Accepted answer

1 Comment


Ralph (view profile)

on 21 Aug 2012

automatic graphics switching was the problem.

Edric Ellis

Edric Ellis (view profile)

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