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Cell value in workspace into a matrix ! HOW?!

Asked by Peyman
on 7 Aug 2012

Hi, I used CurveFittingToolbox, then made some changes, then used GenerateCode.

Now, when I run the code (close MATLAB,run it again, clean the workspace, run the code) I get the same results. It also prints the coefficients used for calculation(e.g fitting with SumofSine8 has 24 coefficients, a1 b1 c1 a2 ...). Then, these coeficients are shown in workspace as ... (I don't know, cell?!!)

Now, I need to use these calculated coefficients in the rest of the code. (also the calculated e.g. a1 is not showed anywhere!) How can I call them?!?!?!

(for more information:I want to use these calculated coefficients and right this SumofSin8 formula again, extend the period and kind of extrapolate) Here is the link to photo:



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1 Answer

Answer by Babak
on 7 Aug 2012
Edited by Andrei Bobrov
on 8 Aug 2012

Assuming that the name of the cell is coeffs.

If you want to convert a cell to matrix, do this:

A = zeros(size(coeffs));
for j=1:size(coeffs,1)
   for k=1:size(coeffs,2)
       A(j,k) = coeffs{j,k}

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on 8 Aug 2012

It didn't work.

MATLAB error:

" Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch"

" Error in ... (line ..)

      for k=1:size(coeffs,2) A(j,k) = coeffs{j,k};"

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