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Said Rahal

Linking MATLAB with Mathematica

Asked by Said Rahal
on 26 Jul 2012

Hello, I do not have the symbolic math or curve fitting toolbox in MATLAB, so in order to complete my project I have to get help from mathematica. After writing the function in mathematica I tried to import the package (.m file) to MATLAb and I recieved the following error message even though the package is in MATLAB directory: Error using import Import argument 'basicFunction.m' cannot be found or cannot be imported.

Can anyone share his/her knowledge about that? Thanks



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2 Answers

Answer by grapevine
on 26 Jul 2012
 Accepted answer


Answer by Said Rahal
on 26 Jul 2012

Thank you for your assistance grapevine. The Mathematica symbolic toolbox is like any other toolbox in MATLAB, in a sense that I need to buy a license to download it. Am I right?


Walter Roberson
on 26 Jul 2012

No, it is a contributed file. Just has to be downloaded, installed, and compiled.

Said Rahal
on 26 Jul 2012

Ok, I downloaded but how should I install it and compile it in MATLAB Forgive my ignorance Thanks

Walter Roberson
on 26 Jul 2012

Create a directory. unzip it into the directory. Use pathtool to add the directory to your MATLAB path. Inside MATLAB, use

mex -setup

to select a compiler. If you do not have a compiler already installed, you will need to install one (and possibly a SDK as well.)

I do not know the exact mex command that will be needed to compile, but I suspect that it is documented in the files inside the .zip

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