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citing a MATLAB document

Asked by saima
on 14 Jul 2012


can anyone tell me how I can cite the following MATLAB document?



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1 Answer

Answer by Wayne King
on 14 Jul 2012

The actual form would depend on which bibliographic format you are following but:

MathWorks, (2012). Bioinformatics Toolbox: User's Guide (R2012a). Retrieved July 14, 2012 from

You should add a registered trademark symboal after MathWorks and trademark (TM) after Bioinformatics Toolbox.


Do you have a reference for proper formatting of TM symbols and company names. I couldn't find it in APA or AIP when I was answering this question.

Wayne King
on 15 Jul 2012

I usually wrote papers in LaTex, so I used some definitions that I got from somebody at one point:

\def\registered{{\ooalign{\hfil\raise .00ex\hbox{\scriptsize R}\hfil\crcr\mathhexbox20D}} used as follow $^\registered$

\def\tm{\leavevmode\hbox{$\rm {}^{TM}$}}

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