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helppp on finding maximum

Asked by Leah
on 10 Jul 2012

If there are two peaks and you want to find the second peak's highest point how do you find that? how do you set limitations between the highest peaks? and after finding that peak how do you find the x position of it? by writing a code. i need to be able to do it without having the user use any tools for the graph



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1 Answer

Answer by Wayne King
on 10 Jul 2012

Hi Leah, if you have the Signal Processing Toolbox, have you tried findpeaks()?

You can set options like the minimum distance between peaks, and minimum height.

The optional output argument LOCS gives you the "x" position of the peaks.

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on 10 Jul 2012

how do i use findpeaks() if i only have the plotted graphs?

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