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Fatima prv

add picture in matlab

Asked by Fatima prv
on 5 Jul 2012

I want to add a picture to matlab , and need this image's matrix too. and I don't have more information from image proccessing. have you some matlab command to do this?


on 8 Jul 2012

picture to matlab file??? didnt get you u can read a picture using imread

Fatemeh, when you re-open an Unclear question, you need to provide more details so that people can answer the question.


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2 Answers

Answer by Ryan
on 8 Jul 2012
 Accepted answer

do you have the image processing toolbox? if so:

 I = imread('imagename.extension');

The result will be a 2- or 3-D matrix I which can be visualized by the command imshow

 figure(1), imshow(I)


Answer by Fatima prv
on 10 Jul 2012
Edited by Fatima prv
on 10 Jul 2012
 I want to simulate a radar display. And need I add a binary image so that I could refresh my page every time.
Can someone help? And I would like to speak with him? at a meesanger, for example.


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