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meghna bhatt

hi can i get the co-ordinates of any image against template image co-ordinates?

Asked by meghna bhatt
on 3 Jul 2012

I have the two images one is row image with and other is its template image (matching image) my basic aim is to identify location of particular shape say omr bubble on the row image ...

is there any way that i can give - the location of matched image and the same omr bubble (rectangle) or any other thing say barcode to MATLAB and in return matlab will give me the locations of the same thing in my actual row image...:>

i am trying this stuff using Computer vision toolbox functions ...:>

pls let me know if you can help me ...:>

thanks in advance ...:>



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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 3 Jul 2012


meghna bhatt
on 5 Jul 2012

hi I have tried using detectSURFFeatures and matchFeatures of Computer vision toolbox but again its giving me the redundant points of matching...

my aim is to get exact location and points on which omr bubbles are located..

meghna bhatt
on 5 Jul 2012

OMR means Optical mark recognition sheet .. I am talking about bubble(circle).. I have the image in which i have multiple such omr's and i want to find the locations of those each particular bubble and recognize it..

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