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How to create a GUI with different tab options?

Asked by Karthik KJ on 29 Jun 2012


I have seen some GUI's created with Delphi, where we can use tab options. Currently I have a main gui where 4 pushbutton will open 4 different GUI's. Is it possible to make GUI with tabs( similar to Excel sheet tab, sheet1,sheet2...) so that I will not open 4 separate GUI and 4 tabs can use the same figure space of the Main GUI.

I could not find any such GUIDE properties which can do this.

Appreciate the help



Karthik KJ


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2 Answers

Answer by Sean de Wolski on 29 Jun 2012
Edited by Sean de Wolski on 29 Jun 2012
Accepted answer

It is not documented and thus likely to change in the future, but you can use uitab. Or one of these:


1 Comment

Jan Simon on 30 Jun 2012

Cruel. The TMW GUIs have still less power than my AtariST built in 1986.

Sean de Wolski
Answer by Yash on 30 Jun 2012

yes it is possible

check this, i made one using this similar to your idea



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