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Matt Fig

How do I reset the "UntitledN" editor counter?

Asked by Matt Fig
on 28 Mar 2011

When I am using the editor and hit ctrl+n, a new file tab opens up with a default name UntitledN, where N is the number of times I have done this plus 1. Now I am up to 34 in the current folder. Note that I do not have any files that are actually saved as UntitledN for any N.

How can I reset this counter?

Just curious.




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1 Answer

Jan Simon
Answer by Jan Simon
on 28 Mar 2011
 Accepted answer

Is this your puzzler?

system('matlab &'); exit

Or let's find out the type of the counter by provoking an overflow:

Editor = com.mathworks.mlservices.MLEditorServices;
for i = 1:65536

EDITED: At least not an 8 bit counter. Waiting for the 16 bit overflow will last too long on my computer...

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Matt Fig
on 28 Mar 2011


It's not Wednesday!

I guess I just needed to laugh at myself this morning. Who knew it was so simple to just restart MATLAB? I guess that is what I get for leaving MATLAB constantly running for weeks on end...

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