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Not sending variable to workspace

Asked by Benjamin
on 20 Jun 2012
Accepted Answer by Tom

Is there a way to not display a variable created in a script in the workspace?

for example: I have these variables, and what I'm doing with them is putting them into a struct.

 a1 = middle_interpolate(327:362,:); 
 b1 = middle_interpolate(363:398,:);
 a2 = middle_interpolate(689:724,:);      
 b2 = middle_interpolate(725:760,:);
 a3 = middle_interpolate(1051:1086,:);    
 b3 = middle_interpolate(1087:1122,:);
 a4 = middle_interpolate(1411:1448,:);   
 b4 = middle_interpolate(1449:1484,:);
 s = struct('sA1',a1,'sB1',b1,'sA2',a2,'sB2',b2,'sA3',a3,'sB3',b3,'sA4',a4,...

I know i could pass the values into the struct manually, but this would take a bit of time, is there a way to just not display the individual variables but still use them?




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2 Answers

Answer by Tom
on 20 Jun 2012
 Accepted answer

You would have to do this inside a function, but is there anything to stop you from creating the structure without generating those variables first? i.e.

   s = struct('sA1',middle_interpolate(327:362,:),...

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on 20 Jun 2012

Yeah, that's what i was referring to when i mentioned that i could place the values into the struct manually, which I'll probably just end up doing. Thanks!

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 20 Jun 2012

Do you mean in the Workspace Browser? If so, then you cannot create a (local) variable that does not show up in the Workspace Browser.


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