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xPC Target - Manipulating Source Blocks without Rebuilding Models

Asked by Ale
on 31 May 2012

Hi Everyone,

If I use a "Signal Builder" as a a source block for my Simulink model is there any way I can change the "Signal Group" that drives the model once it is built and loaded onto an xPC Target computer?

I am not limited to using the "Signal Builder", the idea is to be able to choose/alternate the Input/Source Signals that drives the model without having to rebuild the model all the time.

I have looked up the Help under xPC target section, looks like we can only at most manipulate scopes??

Many Thanks for any Suggestion/Help!!!


1 Answer

Answer by Michael Wittkopf on 7 Aug 2012

I use the manual switch with multiple inputs hooked up. You can use different constants or different signal builder blocks and switch them while the simulation is running without rebuilding. It is not perfect, but saves alot of rebuild time.


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