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solve symbolic equations with unknown numbers of variables

Asked by frank
on 21 May 2012

Hi; I have a loop which the variables and equations are calculated in this loop and the symbolic values and numbers of them are different in each loop. Also I should solve these equations together and get some other variables which I don't know the numbers of them because the numbers are calculated in the loop. how can I use the solve command? For example if I have: z=[a+b;a-b] s=[a;b] and I don't know the size of z and s matrices, what should I do? the below command doesn't work solve(z,'s')


on 22 May 2012

If I have z=[a+b-c,a-b-d] and s=[a;b] and I want get just a, b, what should I do?
when I use your suggested command for previous z and c, MATLAB returns:
In mat2cell at 54
Warning: Single input behavior is obsolete and will be removed in a
future release of MATLAB. Use C={X} instead.

Walter Roberson
on 22 May 2012

Try num2cell() instead of mat2cell()

on 22 May 2012

Thank you so much for your help


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