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How can I return from simulink to matlab thread?

Asked by Gun-min Kim

Gun-min Kim (view profile)

on 18 May 2012

Hi ! I am currently doing 'real-time audio processing' using simulink and matlab.

Firsly, I built system block for simulink ('record_test.mdl') like this. (

Followings are my MATLAB code(.mfile).

(other codes...)

But the process doesn't return from simulink to MATLAB at all.

Is there anyone who can give me some advice? I really appreciate all of your comments.


Kaustubha Govind

Kaustubha Govind (view profile)

on 18 May 2012

Do you mean the SIM command hangs your MATLAB script?


Yash (view profile)

on 9 Jul 2012

yes this will happen in SIM when working with real time audeio

Gun-min Kim

Gun-min Kim (view profile)



1 Answer

Answer by Guy Rouleau

Guy Rouleau (view profile)

on 18 May 2012
Accepted answer

SIM is blocking, it will return to your script only when the simulation terminates.

If you want to start a simulation from command line in a non-blocking way, you can use:


That way your script will continue to the next line once the simulation is started, without waiting for it to complete.

1 Comment


K E (view profile)

on 10 Jul 2012

I did not know this, so thanks.

Guy Rouleau

Guy Rouleau (view profile)

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