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Possible to change the Foreground Color of individual lines of a listbox??

Asked by Jay
on 8 May 2012


I have a listbox with a few strings that I'd like to change the color of in order to indicate status. Is it possible to assign different foreground colors to different strings?

Thanks in advance!

Also note, I'm in 2007b if it makes a difference.



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1 Answer

Answer by Jay
on 8 May 2012

Found my answer here:

Which recommended:

uicontrol('Style','list', 'Position',[10,10,70,70], 'String', ...
{'<HTML><FONT color="red">Hello</Font></html>', 'world', ...
'<html><font style="font-family:impact;color:green"><i>What a', ...
'<Html><FONT color="blue" face="Comic Sans MS">nice day!</font>'});


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