Create new virtual reality figure


f = vrfigure(world)
f = vrfigure(world,position)
f = vrfigure
f = vrfigure([])


f = vrfigure(world) creates a new virtual reality figure showing the specified world and returns an appropriate vrfigure object. The input argument world must be a vrworld object.

f = vrfigure(world,position) creates a new virtual reality figure at the specified position.

f = vrfigure returns an empty vrfigure object that does not have a visual representation.

f = vrfigure([]) returns an empty vector of type vrfigure.

Creating a virtual figure with this method creates and displays the figure in the viewer specified in the vrsetpref DefaultViewer property.

Method Summary

captureCreate RGB image from virtual reality figure
closeClose virtual reality figure
getProperty value of vrfigure object
isvalid1 if vrfigure object is valid, 0 if not
setChange property value of vrfigure object


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Create and Display a vrworld Object

Create a vrworld object that is associated with the virtual world vrmount.wrl. Open and view the virtual world.

myworld = vrworld('vrmount.wrl');
f = vrfigure(myworld);

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