Validate System Behavior

Determine if model represents the real system, view and compare data from multiple simulation runs


Simulink.sdi.view Open Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.addToRun Add new simulation data to existing run
Simulink.sdi.clear Clear all data from Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.close Close Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.compareRuns Compare signal data between two simulation runs
Simulink.sdi.compareSignals Compare data from two signals
Simulink.sdi.copyRun Create copy of run including simulation output data
Simulink.sdi.createRun Create run in Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.deleteRun Delete run from Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.getRun Return Simulink.sdi.Run object containing simulation output data
Simulink.sdi.getRunCount Return number of runs in Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.getRunIDByIndex Return the run ID corresponding to run index
Simulink.sdi.getSignal Return Simulink.sdi.Signal object for signal in Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.getSource Return location for storing simulation data
Simulink.sdi.isValidRunID Determine if run ID is valid
Simulink.sdi.load Load saved Simulation Data Inspector session
Simulink.sdi.refresh Refresh Simulation Data Inspector Generate report from Simulation Data Inspector tool Save current Simulation Data Inspector session
Simulink.sdi.setRunNamingRule Specify a run naming rule
Simulink.sdi.setRunOverwrite Mark simulation run for overwrite
Simulink.sdi.setSource Set location for storing simulation data


Simulink.sdi.DiffRunResult Results from comparing two simulation runs
Simulink.sdi.DiffSignalResult Results from comparing two signals
Simulink.sdi.Run Manages signal data and metadata of simulation run
Simulink.sdi.Signal Manages signal time series data and metadata
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