Analyzing Uncertainty in Simulink

Robust Control Toolbox™ software provides tools to model uncertainty in Simulink®. Using these tools, you can analyze how the uncertainty impacts the time- and frequency-domain behavior of the Simulink model.

The Uncertain State Space block, included in the Robust Control Toolbox block library, is a convenient way to incorporate uncertainty information in a Simulink model. For more information, see Specify Uncertainty Using Uncertain State Space Blocks. Using this block, you can perform the following types of analysis:

If you cannot use Uncertain State Space blocks in the Simulink model because you share the model or generate code, you can still compute an uncertain linearization by specifying a block to linearize to an uncertain variable. For example, you can specify a gain block to linearize to an uncertain real parameter (ureal). See Specify Uncertain Linearization for Core or Custom Simulink Blocks. You can then use the uncertain state-space model to analyze robustness in the linear operating range.

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