rfckt.mixer class

Package: rfckt

2-port representation of RF mixer and its local oscillator


h = rfckt.mixer
h = rfckt.mixer('Property1',value1,'Property2',value2,...)


Use the mixer class to represent RF mixers and their local oscillators that are characterized by network parameters, noise data, nonlinearity data, and local oscillator frequency.

h = rfckt.mixer returns a mixer object whose properties all have their default values.

h = rfckt.mixer('Property1',value1,'Property2',value2,...) returns a circuit object, h, , that represents a mixer and its local oscillator (LO) with two ports (RF and IF). Properties that you do not specify retain their default values.

Use the read method to read the mixer data from a data file in one of the following formats:

  • Touchstone

  • Agilent® P2D

  • Agilent S2D

  • AMP

See AMP File Format for information about the .amp format.


AnalyzedResultComputed S-parameters, noise figure, OIP3, and group delay values
FLOLocal oscillator frequency
FreqOffsetFrequency offset data
IntpTypeInterpolation method
MixerSpurDataData from mixer spur table
MixerTypeType of mixer
NameObject name
NetworkDataNetwork parameter information
NoiseDataNoise information
NonlinearDataNonlinearity information
nPortNumber of ports
PhaseNoiseLevelPhase noise data


analyzeAnalyze circuit object in frequency domain
calculateCalculate specified parameters for circuit object
circleDraw circles on Smith chart
extractExtract array of network parameters from data object
getopDisplay operating conditions
listformatList valid formats for specified circuit object parameter
listparamList valid parameters for specified circuit object
loglogPlot specified circuit object parameters using log-log scale
plotPlot specified circuit object parameters on X-Y plane
plotyyPlot specified object parameters with y-axes on both left and right sides
polarPlot specified circuit object parameters on polar coordinates
readRead RF data from file to new or existing circuit or data object
restoreRestore data to original frequencies
semilogxPlot specified circuit object parameters using log scale for x-axis
semilogyPlot specified circuit object parameters using log scale for x-axis
smithPlot specified circuit object parameters on Smith chart
writeWrite RF data from circuit or data object to file


mix1 = rfckt.mixer('IntpType','cubic')

mix1 =
             Name: 'Mixer'
             nPort: 2
             AnalyzedResult: [1x1]
             IntpType: 'Cubic'
             NetworkData: [1x1]
             NoiseData: [1x1 rfdata.noise]
             NonlinearData: Inf
             MixerSpurData: []
             MixerType: 'Downconverter'
             FLO: 1.0000e+009
             FreqOffset: []
             PhaseNoiseLevel: []


EIA/IBIS Open Forum, Touchstone File Format Specification, Rev. 1.1, 2002 (

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