Predefined Dialog Boxes

Dialog boxes to report status, gather user input, and interact with operating system or printers


dialog Create and display empty dialog box
errordlg Create and open error dialog box
helpdlg Create and open help dialog box
msgbox Create and open message dialog box
questdlg Create and open question dialog box
uigetpref Specify and conditionally open dialog box according to user preference
uisetpref Manage preferences used in uigetpref
waitbar Open or update wait bar dialog box
warndlg Open warning dialog box
export2wsdlg Export variables to workspace
inputdlg Create and open input dialog box
listdlg Create and open list-selection dialog box
uisetcolor Open standard dialog box for setting object's color specification (ColorSpec)
uisetfont Open standard dialog box for setting object's font characteristics
printdlg Print dialog box
printpreview Preview figure to print
uigetdir Open standard dialog box for selecting directory
uigetfile Open standard dialog box for retrieving files
uiopen Interactively select file to open and load data
uiputfile Open standard dialog box for saving files
uisave Interactively save workspace variables to MAT-file
menu Generate menu of choices for user input

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