Interactively define RGB color

    Note:   colorui will be removed in a future release. Use uisetcolor instead.


c = colorui
c = colorui(InitClr)
c = colorui(InitClr,FigTitle)


c = colorui will create an interface for the definition of an RGB color triplet. On Windows® platforms, colorui will produce the same interface as uisetcolor. On other machines, colorui produces a platform-independent dialog for specifying the color values.

c = colorui(InitClr) will initialize the color value to the RGB triple given in initclr.

c = colorui(InitClr,FigTitle) will use the string in FigTitle as the window label.

The output value c is the selected RGB triple if the Accept or OK button is pushed. If the user presses Cancel, then the output value is set to 0.

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