Read metadata from DICOM message


info = dicominfo(filename)
info = dicominfo(filename, 'dictionary', D)


info = dicominfo(filename) reads the metadata from the compliant Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) file specified in the string filename.

info = dicominfo(filename, 'dictionary', D) uses the data dictionary file given in the string D to read the DICOM message. The file in D must be on the MATLAB® search path. The default file is dicom-dict.mat.


info = dicominfo('CT-MONO2-16-ankle.dcm')

info = 

                          Filename: [1x62 char]
                       FileModDate: '18-Dec-2000 11:06:43'
                          FileSize: 525436
                            Format: 'DICOM'
                     FormatVersion: 3
                             Width: 512
                            Height: 512
                          BitDepth: 16
                         ColorType: 'grayscale'
                    SelectedFrames: []
                        FileStruct: [1x1 struct]
                  StartOfPixelData: 1140
    FileMetaInformationGroupLength: 192
        FileMetaInformationVersion: [2x1 uint8]
           MediaStorageSOPClassUID: '1.2.840.10008.'
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