Plot Hankel singular values and return plot handle


h = hsvplot(sys)
hsvplot(sys, AbsTol',ATOL,'RelTol',RTOL,'Offset',ALPHA)


h = hsvplot(sys) plots the Hankel singular values of an LTI system sys and returns the plot handle h. You can use this handle to customize the plot with the getoptions and setoptions commands. Type

help hsvoptions 

for a list of available plot options.

hsvplot(sys) plots the Hankel singular values of the LTI model sys. See hsvd for details on the meaning and purpose of Hankel singular values. The Hankel singular values for the stable and unstable modes of sys are shown in blue and red, respectively.

hsvplot(sys, AbsTol',ATOL,'RelTol',RTOL,'Offset',ALPHA) specifies additional options for computing the Hankel singular values.

hsvplot(AX,sys,...) attaches the plot to the axes with handle AX.


Use the plot handle to change plot options in the Hankel singular values plot.

sys = rss(20);
h = hsvplot(sys,'AbsTol',1e-6);
% Switch to log scale and modify Offset parameter

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You can change the properties of your plot, for example the units. For information on the ways to change properties of your plots, see Ways to Customize Plots.

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