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This paper presents best practices for completing projects certified to DO-178B and DO-178C using Model-Based Design. Included are key considerations, methods, and capabilities of Model-Based Design spanning the software development process.
dec 2013
This paper describes a collaborative design workflow based on Simulink® Projects, and outlines key challenges engineers face today, such as design partitioning and artifacts management.
apr 2012
Model-Based Design enabled IAV to reduce their mass-production ECU development process from three years to just 18 months.
nov 2009
Create web views - HTML files generated by Simulink Report Generator™ that are interactive visual replicas of Simulink and Stateflow® models, which can be navigated just as models.
sep 2008
Software systems deployed in safety-critical applications in aerospace and other industries must satisfy rigorous development and verification standards.
mei 2008

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