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MATLAB and Simulink Conference on Verification and Validation

Leading engineers in automotive and industrial applications came together at the MATLAB and Simulink Conference on Verification and Validation to exchange ideas, share applications, and expand their knowledge of the MATLAB® and Simulink® product families.

Performing verification and validation throughout the design, testing, and manufacturing cycle, increasing the use of simulation, and reducing reliance on physical prototypes enable efficient delivery of complex systems. Model-Based Design using MathWorks technology enables engineers in both the automotive and industrial equipment sectors to:

  • Identify system-level problems early
  • Use a multidisciplinary approach to deliver increased product complexity
  • Manage embedded software complexity, safety, and certification
  • Reduce reliance on physical prototypes for test and verification
  • Integrate and streamline the development process to shorten time to market

VIEW proceedings

This conference addressed verification and validation within the design cycle through a series of customer and MathWorks presentations that focus on automotive and industrial applications (including power transmission, conversion, and renewable energy systems).


  • User presentations by Caterpillar, Continental Automotive, Converteam, and Scania
  • Sessions on the latest technologies for modelling complex systems
  • Opportunity to network with industry peers and MathWorks experts
  • Demonstrations of the latest MATLAB and Simulink features and functionality in the area of verification and validation