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Technical University of Dresden

Formula Student Germany and UK: Elbflorace

Founded in 2006 by 16 members to create competitive racecars, the Elbflorace team currently consists of 70 active members from different areas of study at Technical University of Dresden, including engineering, economics, computer science, and natural science. Guided by the team’s motto, e-STAR, which stands for education, safety, team, award, and reliability, the team participates in 2 or 3 Formula Student competitions each year. 

Formula Student competitions bring students together from around the world to showcase their professional racecars. Over the course of a year, each team strives to produce the most innovative racecar to present to judges and to demonstrate technical solutions on the racetrack.

Elbflorace uses MATLAB and Simulink to develop the state machine of the vehicle’s battery management system. Additionally, the team uses MATLAB to run vehicle dynamic simulation, including the energy paths of the electric drivetrain and the complete cooling system.

Images courtesy of Delia Rähder

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Team Facts

  • Won 9th place with the last combustion car, out of 72 teams, in 2011 Formula Student UK in Silverstone
  • Won 15th place with the 1st electric car, out of 31 teams, in 2011 Formula Student Germany in Hockenheim

Recent News

Elbflorace is preparing to debut its second-generation electric racecar in the 7th Formula Student Germany in Dresden in August 2012. 110 teams from more than 20 different countries will compete. Because the new car is lighter and more compact than the previous one, Elbflorace is confident that it will do well.